Epigenetic Aging Study of Ashkenazi Jewish Males
Understanding how genetic factors in Ashkenazi Jews correlate to longevity and impact healthy aging
In Good Health
Compensation Provided
Ashkenazi Males
20-40 Years Old
Have 4 Ashkenazi
Jewish Grandparents
Study Participants
About this research study:
This study is focused on the epigenetics of aging. Dr. John Greally, director of Einstein's Center of Epigenomics, is investigating how the properties of cells within the immune system change with aging. One model his group is exploring is whether chronic exposure to the body's stress hormones throughout a lifetime may cause the cellular changes found in aging.
Why Study Ashkenazi Jews?

Although shrouded in history, it's believed that the number of founders of the Ashkenazi Jewish population is extremely small. One study reported that approximately 40% of today's Ashkenazi population come from just four "founding mothers." For this reason, to date, all participants in the Institute of Aging Research's longevity studies have been of Ashkenazi descent.

Because they have genetic backgrounds that are relatively homogenous, it is easier to spot differences in the Ashkenazi Jewish population, increasing the probability for genetic discovery. This factor has made Ashkenazi Jewish individuals important contributors to aging research. Although the LifeLong study is limited to participants who are Ashkenazi Jews, the results of the research will be applicable to everyone.
Conducted by:
Dr. Sofiya Milman
Dr. John Greally
Additional Information
Why is this study being done?
Researchers have relied on the Ashkenazi Jewish community to advance understanding of the biology of aging and to make discoveries that may lead to healthier lives for all aging adults. Insights from aging studies like this may help to understand why older people are more vulnerable to illnesses like COVID-19 than younger people.

Earlier studies of healthy aging have focused on centenarians because many of these individuals have delayed onset of diseases or avoided them altogether. However, in order to understand the process and progression of aging, it is necessary to compare centenarians to younger individuals.
Am I eligible for this study?
Eligibility Criteria:

  • Between the ages of 20-40
  • Ashkenazi Jewish Male
  • Have four grandparents of Ashkenazi Jewish descent
  • Not be currently taking or have taken in the previous three months steroid medications by mouth or as an injection
What are the benefits of joining the study?
  • Compensated through a $50 gift card
  • Playing an active role in a scientific study that could lead to better understanding of how people age and potential therapies that may help people live longer, healthier lives, and avoid or delay age-related disease
Do I have to pay to participate in this study?
All study is provided at no cost.